Same Day / Urgent Care

We will be introducing telephone triage for determining urgent and not so urgent cases so that appointments can be allocated according to patient need. The system works by allowing the on-call clinician to triage all requests for same day/urgent care by telephone.

Our aim is to provide the most appropriate appointment, more convenient access, more efficient use of time for our GPs and patients by resolving an enquiry with a single telephone call to help ensure routine appointments remain available for patients with chronic complex illnesses.

Please note that we will still be operating the same system for pre-bookable routine appointments and these can be available up to one month in advance.

We continue to encourage patients to register to use our on-line services for booking appointments and requesting repeat prescriptions.

We very much hope that this new system will make best use of the services available both at the practice and in the wider community, and by doing so indirectly increase the number of available GP appointments, so that you can more easily secure this when it is necessary.

We look forward to offering you an improved service.